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Viralt foto viser, hvor forskelligt gravide kvinder kan se udViralt foto viser, hvor forskelligt gravide kvinder kan se ud

Et billede af to gravide, der sammenligner maver, er gået viralt.

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I galleriet herover kan du se hudløst ærlige Barbara, der viser, hvordan hendes krop forandrede sig under sin graviditet.

Man tror næsten ikke sine egne øjne.

De to maver kan næsten ikke være mere forskellige, men alligevel har de en hel del til fælles.

Kvinden til venstre på billedet herunder er fitnessmodellen Chontel Duncan, der er tidligere deltager ved Miss Universe konkurrencen for Australien. Hun er på dette Instagram-billede, der nu er gået viralt, gravid i 21. uge.

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I was surprised with a cute visit today from a friend Nat who is also expecting 💕 Just being able to see someone in the flesh, rub her tummy, hear how incredible her journey has been so far, how healthy baby is & all the fun talk about kicks, food, names etc was beautiful. This is Nat's 3rd pregnancy so she had a lot of great advice to share ☺️ It's very clear in this photo just how tall I am, I mean my chin sits above Nat's head lol We worked out that we are 4 weeks apart, so our little ones will be the same age, same grade at school and potential best buds hehehehe..... Nat's due start of March & I'm due end of March. Each women carries different and this most certainly doesn't mean one is doing something wrong or not healthy etc. We both have healthy growing babies & we both have had incredible pregnancies so far, feeling amazing & full of energy. #21.5weeks #expecting #march2016 #pregnant #love #happiness #Babyduncan

Et billede slået op af SnapChat👉🏽 ChontelDuncan (@chontelduncan) den

Kvinden, som hun sammenligner mave med er hendes veninde Natalie Smith, der er kun fire uger længere fremme i sin graviditet, men deres kroppe er på fascinerende vis vidt forskellige.

LÆS OGSÅ: Utroligt foto fanger uhyre sjælden fødsel

- Enhver kvinde bærer sin graviditet forskelligt, men det er ikke ensbetydende med, at nogen gør noget forkert eller usundt, skriver Chontel Duncanpå Instagram.

- Vi har begge babyer på vej, der vokser sundt, og vi har begge to haft utrolige graviditeter indtil videre, fortsætter hun.

LÆS OGSÅ: Efter kejsersnit: Danske Barbara viser hudløst ærlige billeder

I kommentarer til modellens graviditetsbilleder er hun blevet mødt med kritik for at opretholde et højt træningsniveau, som metroxpress tidligere har fortalt.

Modellen tager det dog ikke så tungt og skriver, at hun med forventeligt tre uger tilbage af graviditeten ikke kunne være mere ligeglad med, hvordan hendes krop ser ud.

BUMP UPDATE "29 weeks" only 77 days to go... What have we become? When did it become ok to find joy in the hopes that one will lose who they were because they are now pregnant? It's not rocket science people... it's just pregnancy. Its something us female were designed to do. It's not "oh I'm pregnant let me accept that I must now sit down, switch off me & go get big an FAT. Where the heck is this coming from lol? It blows my mind HOW many people have told me that "this person" & "that person" are talking literally waiting, sitting on the edge of their seats excited to see me fall, get fat, lose all of my hard work, realise I can't keep working, won't be able to continue training, my business will flop because I won't be able to keep up both roles & mostly flip out emotionally because I'm not longer ripped. Do women actually think that pregnancy will ruin who they are? I'm so ok achieving some stretch marks, increasing my hips, having to take a break from work, learning something completely foreign to me, giving my vagina a bloody challenge lol, my body changing, my training decreasing & being challenged to master this little man arriving in just 77 days. I fell pregnant on purpose 😂 I couldn't care less how my body is effected, I respect my body, I'm disciplined, I look after my health and it was MOST CERTAINLY not to be a silly size 0, it was so when I fall pregnant, I fall at my absolute healthiest to grow the most healthiest little person possible & I'm pretty dam proud of my efforts! I will continue to share my story so it hopefully will shed some light on the journey of my active pregnancy an not frighten women to conceive, because they are worried about all those ridiculous views. I can't share anything too exciting from the week just gone because it all still feels pretty much the same. Little D is kicking my right top ab & holy cow it's painful, it's like a constant burning tearing sensation 😤 My husband is determined for me to stay standing throughout labour & deliver on all fours 😂 then he asks my OB an Dr McBeth hands down agrees with him. So apparently I'm attempting that 👍🏽 CLICK MY LINK IN MY BIO TO READ ON....

Et billede slået op af SnapChat👉🏽 ChontelDuncan (@chontelduncan) den

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