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Virkelighedens skæggede dame: Jeg er stolt af mit skægVirkelighedens skæggede dame: Jeg er stolt af mit skæg

Siden Harnaam Kaur var 11 år gammel, har hun levet med fuldskæg.


Ved første øjekast ligner Harnaam Kaur ikke den kvinde, hun i virkeligheden er.

Harnaam Kaur har nemlig skæg. Et stort velplejet fuldskæg.

Skægget har hun på grund af sin sygdom. Harnaam Kaur lider nemlig af Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – en sygdom, der skaber store hormonforstyrrelser. For Harnaam Kaur betyder det øget hårvækst i ansigtet.

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I have good news. My bridal photoshoot pictures are going to be up on I am sooo excited to see them on there. I would like to thank whole heartedly the team that worked alongside me on the day of the shoot. I have been fortunate enough to work with amazing people 💖 I love doing different types of photo shoots. I love portraying a diverse image in society. Never be afraid of being who you truly are supposed to be. You are absolutely amazing just as you are. 💖💗💟 Never let the words and taunts of other break you or put you down x Here i am looking for my wondering husband haha xx Model: Harnaam Kaur Make up artist: Kampreet Wedding Dress: Cutting Edge Brides Cakes: Milk Street Kitchen (Ellie) Flowers, Floral Turban Crowns and Bouquet and Flower Beard: @wild_coco_ (Lucy) Tablescape Design: Blessed Union Events (Jacqueline) Photographer: Urban Bridesmaid (Louisa) 2nd photographer(behind the scenes): Cassandra #harnaamkaur #beardedlady #beardedwoman #effyourbeautystandards #effyourbodystandards #bridalphotoshoot #urbanbridesmaids #queenbeard #queenofhearts #feminist #genderbender #androgynouswoman #diversemodels #androgynyqueen #sorrynotsorry #ladybeard #thebeardeddame #thedame #bride #beardedbrides #rocknrollbride #bodyconfident #bodyconfidenceactivist #bodyconfidence #genderbender #genderqueer

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Den voldsomme hårvækst i ansigtet har Harnaam Kaur haft siden hun var 11 år, og det har ikke altid været lige nemt.

Men i stedet for at fokusere på det negative, har Harnaam Kaur valgt at fokusere på det positive.

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- Jeg sagde til mig selv, den energi du lægger i at ende dit liv, brug al den energi på at vende dit liv og gøre noget godt.

Wooppiiiieeeee!!!! I absolutely love this shot from my photo shoot with Models of Diversity. Here is a picture of myself at Holland Park. The park was absolutely gorgeous, and if you are ever around the area make sure you visit it! 💙 Modelling with Models of Diversity was absolutely huge for me, and i enjoyed every moment! X Smile as if happiness lasts forever x Photo by James Alexander Lyon Make up by Stephen Hamilton Outfit by @debenhams #harnaamkaur #beardedlady #beardedwoman #effyourbeautystandards #effyourbodystandards #androgynouswoman #androgynousqueen #diversemodels #queenbeard #queenofhearts #genderqueer #thedame #thebeardeddame #debenhams #ladybeard #feminist #bodyconfidence #bodyconfident #bodyconfidenceactivist #beardqueen

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Sådan fortæller hun til bloggen Rock N Roll Bride.

Og nu lever Harnaam Kaur stolt med sit skæg.

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- Jeg elsker mit skæg, mine strækmærker og mine ar. Det er dem, der gør mig til den jeg er, de gør mig hel, siger hun.

Du kan se flere billeder af Harnaam Kaur på hendes Instagramprofil her.

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Hiii to all you beautiful, lovely gorgeous people 💖💝 I have a skin condition called Acanthosis Nigricans. It is a condition that allows the skin to darken on various parts of your body and i have patches of it. Acanthosis nigricans can be a sign of insulin resistance. It often occurs in people who are overweight and have diabetes, and because i have always been fabulously overweight; i have suffered from this skin condition from a very young age. I have forever been ashamed about having this condition, and for years i was bullied because of it. I remember rubbing and scrubbing my skin rapidly daily not knowing what was happening to it. My skin became raw red and sometimes bled. I remember trying to bleach my skin as a young girl, the stench of the bleaching creams were absolutely horrific and made me sick; but i was still determined to have lighter skin. Since my journey of self love, i have accepted and embraced the beautiful 'flaws' that i have, even my darkened skin. I no longer hide myself away from the world. People will always stop, stare and then do a double take in public, but i am used to it now. Love yourself for the way you are, embrace the gorgeous body that you have and realise the gems that are imbedded in your heart and soul. Never be ashamed of your body, and never let anyone shame you. You own your body so rock it how you want to. Lots of love from, Harnaam Kaur The Bearded Dame. 💙 Photo credit: @laurenbecki.rowlands Magazine: @theparallelmag Makeup and model: Me #harnaamkaur #beardedlady #beardedwoman #effyourbeautystandards #bodyconfident #bodyconfidence #bodyconfidenceactivist #antibullyingactivist #thebeardeddame #queenbeard #queenofhearts #thedame #BeardSeason #loveyourbody #androgyny #androgynyqueen #androgynous #parallelmagazine #diversemodels #diversity #unashamedlyfeminist #feminist #genderqueer

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I have decided to live my life happily, and this picture captures perfectly how i feel about the woman that i am today. We all go through tough times, and forever we get told that life is like a roller coaster with many ups and downs. We may feel like the heavy burdens of the world have settled themselves down on our shoulders. Always remember that yes, hard times will arrive, but they will also let themselves go. Everything on this earth has a time limit; our friendships, our relationships, happiness and sadness, how we feel about ourselves, even the food we eat, and most of all our emotions. There is a beginning and and end for everything. You may hear that darkness has to be present for the real stars to shine. Be that spark in the darkness around you, be that beacon of light that guides you to greatness. I promise you that you will be just fine x Love your life, love your body, love your soul, spirit, aura and personality because they are the only ones that you have. 💙💚💛💜 Picture: @heathershuker Makeup: @phantasykeely @maccosmetics Magazine: @thingsandink @morewhitequeen Jewellery: @gypsyeastjewels You can read my article in the Things and Ink magazine, link below. #harnaamkaur #beardedlady #beardedwoman #effyourbeautystandards #androgyny #androgynous #bodyconfident #bodyconfidence #bodyconfidenceactivist #antibullyingactivist #thedame #thebeardeddame #beardqueen #thingsandink #queenofhearts #androgynyqueen #genderqueer #feminist #diversemodels

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